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MediYoga is a relaxing with gentle stretches and guided breathing, MediYoga is designed to relax and nurture the body.

It reduces anxiety, relieves stress, and improves emotional wellbeing.

Karianne Sunde Herheim

Our course From Frazzle to Dazzle is perfect for women in Mid-Life experiencing brain fog, lack of motivation and who would like to simply feel iin tip top shape again! 

Chip Jenkins

Karianne who is a qualified MediYoga practitioner and qualified nurse runs an in-depth course especially for professional groups and individuals working in environments when stress may have become a burden.


Maybe you are about to burn out or already are.


In practical terms, you get an introduction to various topics during each session. 


It is taught in a calm form of yoga called MediYoga - medical yoga, with exercises that are carefully selected to reduce stress in the body. We have a strong focus on breathing, which is one of the most important health management tools we have. Read more about Karianne's existing MediYoga classes here.


Knowledge of what happens to the body under stress, and tips for what you can do in your own everyday life, will help you to take the small steps needed just for you.


We end each session with relaxation using essential oils. Essential oils are often called the plant's immune system. You will learn a little about this during the course and how you can use the oils at home.


"Effective techniques that were easy to use in everyday life in case of high heart rate or fatigue."


The Topics we cover on the course are:


Group Session 1:

What is stress and what happens in the body when you are stressed.

What is MediYoga and how can practicing yoga help with stress.


Group Session 2:

An introduction to the medicine and wisdom of the breath.

Why is it so important to understand your own breath?


Group Session 3:

The power of thoughts. Stress always starts in the brain. How you think affects how much stress you have in your life.


Group Session 4:

How does stress relate to our digestion?

You are not only what you eat, but what you digest. You get some good nutrition tips.


Group Session 5:

Meditation. The benefits of meditation and how to introduce good routines into everyday life.


Group Session 6:

The wounds of the past you carry with you can influence your daily decisions. Letting go is one of the most important steps to achieving balance.


Group Session 7: Order and planning can help to influence how you respond to stress. How to introduce new good habits and rituals.


Group Session 8: Conclusion and summary. A little about the way forward and how to implement yoga and essential oils in everyday life.

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