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Welcome to Triangle Studio Stavanger!


A beautiful space by the sea, to learn, get inspired and connect with others!


Our tutors specialise in subjects ranging from

Business to Yoga, from Stress Management to Video and Audio recording,

through to Life Coaching, Marketing courses, Dance classes, Singing Lessons to Embroidery!

As long as the trainings benefit people's confidence and their

Physical, Mental & Emotional wellbeing, it happens here!

International workshops

We are situated a 20 minute drive away from Stavanger airport in Norway,

with direct flights from all over Europe and have activities in the week and at weekends.

We provide experiences for attendees

"Transformation, Confidence, Calm, Focus, Expression, Movement,

Creativity, Learning, Fun, Relaxation, Dance and Music!"

Norway is already well on the way to having a healthy

balance of nature, mental and physical wellbeing.

However, despite the inter cultural nature of this society, there

are still examples of stress, loneliness, neglecting our physical

emotional or mental health, and desire for creative fun and connection. 

When we pay attention to physical exercise, expression, and slowing down,

we can reap the benefits in not only our own lives, but we can also

play a much greater part in our work and social groups too. 

The activities at Triangle Studio seamlessly integrate the wisdom of today's

foremost spiritual and psychological thought leaders,

offering a unique mix of individual participation to the people who come here.


Chip Jenkins is Triangle Studio's founder.

She has hand picked the inspiring individuals involved, and has an amazing team

bringing inspiring multi disciplinary activities.

Chip’s innate gift of connecting with people, enabled her to build this, always holding in

mind what will most benefit the people who come to the studio. 


"May you do something at the studio today that makes you smile,

stirs your soul and shines a light so that your

purpose bubbles up within you" ~ Chip Jenkins”

Our Aim?

To raise people's health & happiness, fitness,

confidence, businesses, & other benefits!

Come and see for yourself what is on offer, we hope we have

an activity that will enrich your life!

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