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We get asked quite a lot about room hire...


To answer you, we choose our team carefully, and prefer to have practitioners

that we work with long term to maintain the feeling of a team. 

If you are a practitioner and want to bring a wellbeing activity

or something to the studio feel free to apply! 

Please outline the following information:

1. Whether you are looking to work in our large room, or

in the private room that is suitable for one to one classes? 

2. The type of group or one to one activity you are planning,

and where you have run this activity before?

3. Your own background and or qualifications as a practitioner/trainer 

4. The timing and length of course you are intending to run - is it 6 weeks,

what is the hourly requirement? 1 hour, 2 hours, half a day etc?

(We need a minimum commitment of 4 weeks)

5. Are you insured as a practitioner? 

6. We always deal with all the bookings and advertising, marketing, and all

courses are offered as a part of our quality offerings. 

7. You and your clients get extra care and you get a beautiful cared for studio environment

where you do not have to worry about the running a business side of things. 

For a short term rent, 1st we have to check the timetable.

In certain circumstances, we can talk about it. 

*Before requesting access, be aware that the LARGE ROOM hire starts from a minimum of 2 hours*

2 hours - Price on application

Half day - weekends only - Price on application

Whole day - weekends only - Price on application

Whole weekend - Price on application

Alcohol is not allowed on the premises 

All of the above is subject to our terms and conditions, which will be discussed upon booking 

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