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Triangle Studio Stavanger - experience calm, focus, expression, movement, creativity, dance and music. 


As instructors based in Norway, we are committed to the wellbeing of our attendees. Providing activities that bring peace, joy and inspiration. 


Stavanger is already well on the way to having a healthy balance of nature, mental and physical wellbeing. However, despite the inter cultural nature of this society, there are still examples of loneliness, stress and lack of connection. 


When we pay attention to physical exercise, expression, and slowing down, we can reap the benefits in not only our own lives, but we can also play a much greater part in our work and social groups too. 

The activities at Triangle Studio seamlessly integrate the wisdom of today's foremost spiritual and psychological thought leaders, offering a unique mix of individual participation, joy and expression to the people who come here.


Chip Jenkins is Triangle Studio's visionary original founder and marketeer. She has hand picked the inspiring individuals involved and has an amazing team bringing inspiring multi disciplinary activities.

She could not make this happen without them as she realises what a privilege and responsibility it is to run the studio. 


Chip’s innate gift of connecting with people, enabled her to build this, always holding in mind what will most benefit the people who come to the studio. 


Keenly aware of the online elements of her business, Chip immediately set about positioning her brand as a quality service for her niche boutique studio and its clients.  


"May you do something at the studio today that stirs your soul and makes your purpose bubble up within you" 

~ Chip Jenkins”


Multiple instructors and activities happening in one timetable,

under one Triangular roof, right by the sea in Stavanger.

Our Overall Aim?

Quality instructors in a peaceful beautiful studio by the sea.

We raise people's health & happiness, their fitness, confidence,

businesses, & other benefits!

Come and see for yourself what is on offer, we hope we have

an activity that will enrich your Stavanger life!

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